Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Boiler maintenance tips

is a really good idea to maintain your boiler and the best thing you can do is give it a yearly service provided by a Gas Safe registered engineer. There is however a few things home-owners can do.

Boiler manuals

In an emergency, you may need to find your manual in a hurry. If you have lost it, you can contact the manufacturer. Check the model number on your boiler first to ensure you get the right instructions. Most manufacturers allow you to download manuals directly from their websites.

Boiler automatic pump anti-seize function

Most modern gas boilers should have this. The automatic pump anti-seize function automatically spins the pump for a few minutes when the boiler has not been in use for a long time. This helps prevent problems when starting the boiler up at the beginning of winter.

My boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen. What can I do?

Frozen Pipe

Boilers retain condensate water and then let it out in a gush in an attempt to prevent freezing, but the condensate pipe can still freeze in particularly cold weather. This is especially true if the condensate pipe is external.


If your condensate pipe is frozen up, your boiler will probably switch itself off – exactly the opposite of what you need in such weather. Follow these steps to get your boiler going again.

  • Use warm, but not boiling, water to unfreeze the pipe’s contents. This will only be a temporary fix.
  • Lag the pipe with insulating material.
  • If the pipe is at a shallow angle or very narrow, it may need to be re-installed. The larger and more vertical the pipe is, the better.

I hope these few tips help some people, but when in doubt please call a Gas Safety registered engineer.

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