Monday, 27 October 2014

MHS ARC Radiators Winter Promotion

MHS ARC radiators Winter Promotion from Inspired Heating now with a 15% discount.
Buy ARC radiators with an unbelievable 15% discount off our normal online prices.

Please follow the links to view / purchase online :-

MHS ARC Double MHS ARC Double Radiators.
Beautiful Feature Designer radiators at brilliant prices.

MHS ARC Single  MHS ARC Single Radiators.
Amazing radiators at great prices.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HRM Boiler Benefits

HRM Oil Boilers offer the following benefits :-

The HRM Wallstar in either a Combi, System or conventional model allows valuable floor space to be used and is an aesthetically pleasing solution.
The X-Ternal also comes with a fibreglass case available in brown or cream so your new boiler blends into the surroundings.

The Wallstar's combustion equipment is mounted within the wall of the home and is completely sealed from the room, while the X-Ternal is completely installed outside so both boilers eliminate any odours normally associated with oil fired boilers.

The burner and flue system installed on the outside of the property with the added benefit of a thicker than normal steel heat exchanger means the Wallstar and X-Ternal are exceptionally quite in operation.

Both the Wallstar and X-Ternal boilers can be serviced outside of your home keeping your house clean with the added benefit of the householder not being required to be at home when the service engineer visits.

All HRM boilers come with an in-line filter as standard and a Frost Thermostat where required. They also come complete with an integral flue making your installation very quick and easy.

Your new boiler will come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the entire boiler as standard with the option of 3 years cover on the water jacket subject to the extended warranty form being returned. This will give youe complete peace of mind when choosing a HRM boiler

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Reina Designer Radiators

Reina Designer Radiators - New Range

Reina have added to their outstanding designer radiator range with some great designs to compliment their existing products.

Please take a look at our Reina radiator section to view the latest products.

Please also take a look at the Reina Aluminium Radiators and Reina Stainless Steel Radiator sections which have also been updated and new products added.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reina Neva Black Towel Rail

Reina Radiators have added a Black option to their popular Neva Range now available thro Inspired Heating.

The Reina Neva Towel Radiators offer an excellent heating solution for any bathroom.

This radiator range includes White, Chrome and Black in straight or curved and is also available as a stand alone electric option.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Reina Aluminium Radiators

Reina have added the following Aluminium Designer radiators brought to you by Inspired Heating

Reina Gio available in Horizontal and Vertical

Reina Bova available in Horizontal and Vertical

Reina Savona available in Horizontal and Vertical

Reina Enzo available in Horizontal and Vertical

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Worcester Greenstore TC Twin Coil Cylinders

 On Special Offer and are the ideal solution for your Unvented Solar Cylinder installation. The Worcester Greenstore Unvented Cylinder is available in a five sizes, TC150, TC180, TC210, TC250 and TC300.

The Worcester Greenstore TC Cylinder has been specifically designed for use with solar water heating, although installations incorporating two boilers are also possible.
Worcester Greenstore cylinders offer outstanding efficiency, ease of installation, high levels of insulation, dedicated solar volume and compliance with current Building Regulations, SAP 2009 and the MCS.
Cylinder features: Highly efficient with low standing heat losses Full compliance with current and anticipated legislation and best practice Inlet control set (pressure reducing valve, strainer, non-return valve and expansion relief valve) Factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve 15mm/22mm Tundish Expansion vessel 18 or 25 litre (depending on model) Expansion vessel hose 22mm compression connections Expansion valve (to discharge) Immersion heater with thermostat and thermal cut out 1 x two port valve for the upper coil Multiple thermostat pockets for ease of system integration 1 x dual thermostat and 1 x high limit thermostat Greenstore TC cylinders are WRAS approved products to meet G3 Building Regulations.
• Please view the Worcester Greenstore TC Twin Coil Unvented Cylinder range here : TC150 to TC300
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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Gledhill PulsaCoil Stainless Steel Cylinder | Inspired Heating

Gledhill Pulsacoil Stainless Steel Cylinders

 are an Electric Open Vented Mains Pressure Thermal Store Cylinder and are available in a four sizes, PCS120, PCS150, PCS180 and PCS220.

Please note the Gledhill Pulsacoil Stainless Steel model replaces the previous Plusacoil BP Copper model.

Gledhill are a cylinder specialist and has developed the PulsaCoil Stainless, a thermal storage cylinder manufactured from high corrosion resistant stainless steel, providing mains pressure hot water utilising off-peak electric, specifically designed for use in apartments.

The PulsaCoil Stainless is an open vented thermal store, which does not require a pressure and temperature relief valve and subsequently does not need any discharge pipe work. It therefore overcomes the requirement of the Part G Building Regulations which prohibits the connection of a discharge pipe from an unvented cylinder into a soil stack. The domestic hot water is generated via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger. As hot water is demanded, it is mains cold water which is instantaneously heated as it passes through the heat exchanger and delivered to the taps. This method of generating the hot water completely removes the risk of legionella. The innovative design helps make installation and on going maintenance straight forward for the installer.

Other benefits of the PulsaCoil Stainless include the fact that the immersion elements are situated in the same primary water at all times and this water is not renewed so no scaling takes place, even in hard water areas. As the cylinder can utilise the off-peak electricity supply it keeps the running costs for the householder down to a minimum. Pulsacoil Stainless thermal stores do not require any annual maintenance, unlike with an unvented cylinder.

• Please view the Gledhill PulsaCoil Stainless Steel range here : PCS120 to PCS220

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mistral Boilers from Inspired Heating

Mistral Oil Boilers

 are available in a Mistral Oil Combi, Mistral Oil System, Mistral Oil Conventional and Mistral Oil External Boiler options

The Mistral Oil Boiler Company has over 40 years experience in the manufacture of oil fired boilers and has today evolved as a UK market leader in the production and development of high efficiency domestic oil fired heating solutions.

Mistral Boilers are based in Telford Shropshire with excellent access to the UK motorway system, Mistral is ideally located to provide both product sales and technical support to its nationwide Customer and Distributor network.

Domestic oil fired boilers manufactured by Mistral, offer outputs up to 68KW (232,000 BTU). The range consists of both internal and outdoor models that include Kitchen/Utility, Sealed System and Combination boiler options.

Newly developed products introduced by Mistral include the Combination Plus boiler models that have an integral immersion heater fitted. This provides a domestic hot water back up supply in the event of a fuel supply problem or when it is not required to fully operate the boiler.

Also recently developed is the Mistral Mega Combination boiler range. These models have been designed to facilitate the larger property type installations such as barn conversations and country houses. The Mega Combi can supply domestic hot water flow rates up to 27 litres per minute as well as satisfying the heating requirement demanded of a larger type premises.

Large or small, internal or external we are confident that Mistral Boilers Ltd have a product solution for your oil fired boiler installation.

The Mistral Company Policy is to continually achieve improvement and to further develop product to comply with future efficiency legislation and the ever increasing quality standards demanded by our Customers.

• Mistral Oil Boilers have a model to meet every Heating requirement: Mistral Oil Combi Boiler, Mistral Oil Conventional Boiler, Mistral Oil Boiler House , Mistral Oil System Boiler , Mistral Oil Combi External Boiler , Mistral Oil Combi External Boiler , Mistral Oil External Boiler , Mistral Oil System External Boiler

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Tuffa Oil Tanks from Inspired Heating

The Tuffa® Bunded Oil Tanks are range of Oil Storage Tanks available in various sizes including 1350L, 1400L, 2500L, 3500L, 6000L, 10000L, 15000L and interlinking up to 100,000 litres.

The Tuffa® Bunded Oil Tank range is designed with pollution control in mind. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly bunded oil tank storage solution which acts in accordance with the current industry legislation, look no further. Tuffa UK Limited have a bunded oil tank range, available in various sizes. With excellent attention to detail and state-of-the-art manufacturing, installation of a Tuffa Tank ensures that whatever the application, your fuel is stored in a secure and regulation compliant manner.

Every single one of the Tuffa Bunded Oil Tank products has been manufactured to the highest specifications, and each one complies with the Environmental Agency Guidelines. If you are looking for bunded heating oil tanks, shop online now. Tuffa Tanks range of bunded oil tank products all come complete with different specifications to your individual requirements, and optional extras include Fire Proofing or Interlinking.

Installing a Tuffa bunded storage tank gives you a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to siting the tank on your property. Specifically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties where bunded tanks are now compulsory.

• Tuffa tanks are available as Bunded and Single Skin along with Fuel stations amongst their range: Tuffa Bunded Tanks, Tuffa Single Skin, Tuffa Fuel Station

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Quinn Ligna Designer radiator

Quinn Ligna Designer radiators are a mid-way point between panel and design so you get all the features and benefits of the Quinn HQO technology in the Quinn Hi-Lo radiators, with all the style and refinement of a design radiator. Quinn Ligna is the perfect choice for those wanting the high outputs, water efficiency and flexible sizing of panel but wanting a modern, sleek profiled flat-fronted design.

Quinn Ligna radiators have the following features:-

• Made in the UK from British steel

• Factory fitted top grill and side panels

• Available as standard in four types: Single Convector (Type 11), Double Panel Plus (Type 21), Double Convector (Type 22), Triple Convector (Type 33)

• Available in five heights from 400mm to 900mm and in lengths of 400mm up to 2000mm

• Finished in high quality white RAL 9016

• 10 year manufacturers guarantee

• Tested and certified according to BS EN 442

• Tested to 13 bar, recommended operating pressure of 10 bar

• Full details of the range available in our brochure

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Heatmiser Control Systems

Heatmiser Temperature Control Systems offer a range of digital thermostats which are compatible with Cental Heating Boilers, Hot Water Cylinders and underfloor heating systems

Heatmiser Slimline                      Heatmiser Touchscreen

The Heatmiser 12v Network range of thermostats have been designed to work as part of a network system, and can be used in conjunction with the Network Products.

Heatmiser also offer 230v thermostats for single zone situations.

Heatmiser PRT Slimline Range

The PRT-N is a low voltage multi-zone thermostat and programmer in one and offers 4 different temperatures at 4 different times of the day.

The PRT-EN is a low voltage multi-zone thermostat which has 5 modes of operation. It can use the remote floor sensor to control the floor temperature only or control the air temperature and use the floor sensor to prevent the floor from overheating, the thermostat can also have a remote air sensor so the thermostat can be located elsewhere (in a cupboard) and not on show.

The PRT-E is a combination model which can be programmable or non-programmable and comes supplied with a remote floor sensor. It also provides 6 modes of operation which makes it highly flexible and therefore suitable for all types of underfloor heating applications.

Heatmiser PRT-TS (Touch Screen) Range

The Touchscreen series of thermostats have been designed to make life a little easier. The intuitive Touchscreen display makes searching for the user manual a thing of the past.
The Touchscreen thermostats come in the same variants as the PRT types above.

Buy these or a wide selection of Heatmiser Control products and Accessories from Inspired Heating.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Inspired Heating have launched our new look site to make the browsing and buying experience as easy as possible.
We are in the process of updating all of our sections to now be a single product per page which should hopefully make choosing the correct Traditional Radiator, Designer Radiator, Boiler or any of the many other heating products we supply easy to view and purchase.
If you need any additional help deciding what product you require please give us a call on 01452 543776 or email us at:- and we will do all we can to ensure you choose the correct items at fantastic discounted prices.