Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Quinn Ligna Designer radiator

Quinn Ligna Designer radiators are a mid-way point between panel and design so you get all the features and benefits of the Quinn HQO technology in the Quinn Hi-Lo radiators, with all the style and refinement of a design radiator. Quinn Ligna is the perfect choice for those wanting the high outputs, water efficiency and flexible sizing of panel but wanting a modern, sleek profiled flat-fronted design.

Quinn Ligna radiators have the following features:-

• Made in the UK from British steel

• Factory fitted top grill and side panels

• Available as standard in four types: Single Convector (Type 11), Double Panel Plus (Type 21), Double Convector (Type 22), Triple Convector (Type 33)

• Available in five heights from 400mm to 900mm and in lengths of 400mm up to 2000mm

• Finished in high quality white RAL 9016

• 10 year manufacturers guarantee

• Tested and certified according to BS EN 442

• Tested to 13 bar, recommended operating pressure of 10 bar

• Full details of the range available in our brochure

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Heatmiser Control Systems

Heatmiser Temperature Control Systems offer a range of digital thermostats which are compatible with Cental Heating Boilers, Hot Water Cylinders and underfloor heating systems

Heatmiser Slimline                      Heatmiser Touchscreen

The Heatmiser 12v Network range of thermostats have been designed to work as part of a network system, and can be used in conjunction with the Network Products.

Heatmiser also offer 230v thermostats for single zone situations.

Heatmiser PRT Slimline Range

The PRT-N is a low voltage multi-zone thermostat and programmer in one and offers 4 different temperatures at 4 different times of the day.

The PRT-EN is a low voltage multi-zone thermostat which has 5 modes of operation. It can use the remote floor sensor to control the floor temperature only or control the air temperature and use the floor sensor to prevent the floor from overheating, the thermostat can also have a remote air sensor so the thermostat can be located elsewhere (in a cupboard) and not on show.

The PRT-E is a combination model which can be programmable or non-programmable and comes supplied with a remote floor sensor. It also provides 6 modes of operation which makes it highly flexible and therefore suitable for all types of underfloor heating applications.

Heatmiser PRT-TS (Touch Screen) Range

The Touchscreen series of thermostats have been designed to make life a little easier. The intuitive Touchscreen display makes searching for the user manual a thing of the past.
The Touchscreen thermostats come in the same variants as the PRT types above.

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