Thursday, 27 June 2013

Aeon Sculptural Radiators from Inspired Heating

Aeon sculptural radiator collection brought to you by Inspired Heating

If you are looking to add a bit of style to your room you need look no further than the Aeon range of sculptural stainless steel radiators. Aeon have spent many years creating a wonderful range of contemporary heating, designed to combine unrivaled performance with beauty and innovation. Aeon have taken the humble radiator and transformed it into a collection of striking designs, created, crafted and hand-finished by experts, using the finest quality stainless steel. Please take a look at a few of the Aeon radiators from their collection and admire the versatility, originality and elegance. We all know there is no place like home, so why compromise on luxury or style when deciding how to heat your home? Aeon has a design to suit every taste, room size and heating requirement. From compact towel rails to show stealing heated sculptures we have a huge range of products to choose from.

Aeon Radiators have a huge range of designer radiators, with plenty of unique and stunning designs to enhance any of your rooms. One of these is the Aeon Stanza radiator, which is a vertical structural radiator which would be a stunning feature in any room

We hope you enjoy discovering the beautiful radiators from the Aeon range, and Inspired Heating can supply any of the Aeon radiators at fantastic prices so you to can add a touch of class to your home. Please see the full Aeon range below

Aeon Stria Aeon Stria - View the Aeon Stria Range

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

MHS Play radiator from Inspired Heating

Bored of the same old radiators, why not add a little bit of style With the MHS Play Radiator

Are you bored with the same old type of bathroom radiator when there are lots of exciting designs of bathroom radiators available just waiting to be fitted in your relaxing bathroom transforming it into a beautiful room.? Add a MHS radiator in your bathroom and have a stunning unique feature (or more!) in your bathroom and a new radiator is a great place to start.

MHS Radiators have a massive range of designer radiators, with plenty of unique and stunning designs to enhance any of your rooms. One of these is the MHS Play Radiator, which has gently curving sides nestled against two vertical panels to create a style of stunning simplicity. It’s made from anodised aluminium and comes in a glowing white or anthracite finish

Why settle for something normal when you can expand your options and try something a little different.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Radox Radiators from Inspired Heating

Should I pick Radox Radiators? | Inspired Heating Blog

Should I pick Radox Radiators?

The short answer is, “yes!”, but let me explain why…

Radox may make you to think of a soothing bath full of muscle-relaxing bubbles but its also the name of a leading European radiator manufacturer and supplier. You might not be familiar with the name as you are with Stelrad or Myson for example but Radox have been supplying over 60,000 radiators per year to the UK since their inception in 1998.

Why have Radox remained “Under the radar”?

Until very recently, Radox Radiators supplied their product range to leading brand names who re-badged the products as their own. Now Radox have decided to go it alone and market their radiators and ladder rails under their own brand name in the UK.

This new independent decision brings certain advantages to customers:

  • Improved and increased stocks throughout the extensive range within the UK
  • improved value for money for the end user thanks to the removal of the “middle-man”
  • Quality levels kept extremely high rather than governed by third parties need for higher profit margins

Radox believe no other manufacturer offer their range and quality of products and this is backed by their full 10 year guarantee on all chrome and painted radiators together with lifetime cover for their stainless steel radiators which are manufactured with marine grade 304 stainless steel.

Every Radox radiator in their range from a ladder rail to a designer radiator, is hand welded by one of their 100 fully trained welders and the quality of production is endorsed by Radox being certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS)

Why are Radox radiators such good quality

The image below shows an internal comparison between a typical mass-produced Eastern ladder rail and a Radox hand welded ladder rail after 3 months of use.

Cut-out view of Radox and competitor ladder rail

The difference is vast and perhaps explains why the majority of low-cost competitor radiators only come with a 12 month or perhaps at best a 2 year warranty.

Looking more closely at the image, you’ll notice that the rail ends of the Radox radiator are tapered to provide a better weld. Each rung is carefully TIG welded into place by hand which reduces the chance of pin-holes and provides a superior joint for the chroming/painting process. The radiator on the left is furnace welded which results in unwanted oxides within the joints.

Thanks to the quality of raw materials and the fully automated Chrome line which prevents acid penetration, internal rusting is eliminated.

Radox use a double-Nickel plating layer of between 35-40 microns prior to the final chrome layer or 2 microns. This brilliant chrome finish is also strong and has successfully tested to withstand 200 hours in a salt-spray environment.

Painted rails – white, anthracite etc – are fully sandblasted prior to painting which greatly increases paint adhesion and the paint used is Akzo Nobel which is one of the world’s highest quality paint manufacturers.

And as previously mentioned, Radox stainless steel radiators are produced using the finest quality marine grade 304 stainless steel with a highly polished finish.

Radox Radiators & the Environment

ISO 140001:2004 is an environmental management accreditation and one which Radox are proud to possess. Copper plating technology, which is used by most low-cost manufacturers in Asia and other parts of the world, produces harmful by-products including copper cyanide which has a devastating effect on our environment.

Radox Premier Towel Radiators

The Radox Premier towel radiator (ladder rail) range covers a huge range of sizes to suit virtually any requirement. There’s a choice of white, chrome or stainless steel finishes as standard while bespoke painted colours can be provided as special orders.

Radox Premier Slimline & Slimline XL

Radox Premier SlimlineThe Premier Slimline range has been designed to provide a practical towel radiator for smaller bathrooms, en suites, cloakrooms and other tight spaces. At just 300mm wide, it requires only a small amount of valuable wall space and yet heat output remains impressive thanks to the generous number of horizontal bars.

The Premier Slimline XL stainless steel models are further enhanced thanks to their concealed wall mounts.


Radox Premier Flat & Curved including XL

Radox Premier XL towel radiatorWith widths of 400, 500 and 600mm and heights of 800, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm, the Radox Premier Flat and Curved ladder rail ranges provide attractive and stylish heated towel radiator solutions to suit all bathroom sizes thanks to heat outputs up to 1393 Watts (4764 BTU).

Standard finishes are white or chrome plus there’s stainless steel available in the form of XL models.



Radox Designer Radiator Range

Radox Designer Range of radiators covers a wide choice of designs and sizes:

Radox Amore Radox Amore - View the Radox Amore Range Radox Torro Radox Torro - View the Radox Torro Range

Buy your Radox Radiator from Inspired Heating & Fantastic Discounted Prices

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