Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vented or Unvented Cylinder

An unvented water cylinder works directly from the mains water. The principles of heating are the same as vented by using an emersion heater (Direct) and coil (Indirect), but because the pressure comes direct from the mains water the flow is much better. The systems have many safety devices inbuilt to help it cope with the high pressure and expansion of water. You may find you have a small tank in the loft for venting and feeding your central heating, there is no need for a cold water storage tank.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a vented hot water cylinder?The main advantages of installing vented hot water cylinders – like a Gledhill Stainless Lite Open Vented Indirect Hot Water Cylinders – over an unvented alternative is that they are much less complicated – making them easier to install – and cost less to buy and maintain.

The biggest disadvantage is the fact you need to have a cold water storage tank so the system will ultimately take up more space than an unvented hot water cylinder.

In an indirect heating system the water will be heated indirectly by a primary heat exchanger within the unit being supplied by the boiler. The heat exchanger is a much more economical option – the water is fed into the hot water cylinder which has a series of coils that heat the water. But if something goes wrong with your boiler, you’re left without any hot water at all until it’s repaired.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an unvented hot water cylinder?Because unvented cylinders – like the Gledhill Stainless Lite Indirect Unvented Cylinders – provide hot water constantly at mains pressure, there is no requirement for a cold water storage tank and the extra pipework to link it up. And because you’re relying on the pressure from the mains rather than just gravity, you can situate the hot water cylinder almost any location.

The biggest domestic issue is that you cannot use an unvented hot water cylinder with some power showers and some mixers. Another disadvantage is that they need specialist installation, making them pricier than traditional vented hot water cylinders.


A very simple way of improving your hot water system is through the installation of new cylinder. Something like this Gledhill Stainless Lite Indirect Unvented Cylinders, The Gledhill Stainless Lite Unvented Cylinders offer a hich quality product at very competative prices


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