Monday, 19 May 2014

Worcester Greenstore TC Twin Coil Cylinders

 On Special Offer and are the ideal solution for your Unvented Solar Cylinder installation. The Worcester Greenstore Unvented Cylinder is available in a five sizes, TC150, TC180, TC210, TC250 and TC300.

The Worcester Greenstore TC Cylinder has been specifically designed for use with solar water heating, although installations incorporating two boilers are also possible.
Worcester Greenstore cylinders offer outstanding efficiency, ease of installation, high levels of insulation, dedicated solar volume and compliance with current Building Regulations, SAP 2009 and the MCS.
Cylinder features: Highly efficient with low standing heat losses Full compliance with current and anticipated legislation and best practice Inlet control set (pressure reducing valve, strainer, non-return valve and expansion relief valve) Factory fitted temperature and pressure relief valve 15mm/22mm Tundish Expansion vessel 18 or 25 litre (depending on model) Expansion vessel hose 22mm compression connections Expansion valve (to discharge) Immersion heater with thermostat and thermal cut out 1 x two port valve for the upper coil Multiple thermostat pockets for ease of system integration 1 x dual thermostat and 1 x high limit thermostat Greenstore TC cylinders are WRAS approved products to meet G3 Building Regulations.
• Please view the Worcester Greenstore TC Twin Coil Unvented Cylinder range here : TC150 to TC300
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