Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HRM Boiler Benefits

HRM Oil Boilers offer the following benefits :-

The HRM Wallstar in either a Combi, System or conventional model allows valuable floor space to be used and is an aesthetically pleasing solution.
The X-Ternal also comes with a fibreglass case available in brown or cream so your new boiler blends into the surroundings.

The Wallstar's combustion equipment is mounted within the wall of the home and is completely sealed from the room, while the X-Ternal is completely installed outside so both boilers eliminate any odours normally associated with oil fired boilers.

The burner and flue system installed on the outside of the property with the added benefit of a thicker than normal steel heat exchanger means the Wallstar and X-Ternal are exceptionally quite in operation.

Both the Wallstar and X-Ternal boilers can be serviced outside of your home keeping your house clean with the added benefit of the householder not being required to be at home when the service engineer visits.

All HRM boilers come with an in-line filter as standard and a Frost Thermostat where required. They also come complete with an integral flue making your installation very quick and easy.

Your new boiler will come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the entire boiler as standard with the option of 3 years cover on the water jacket subject to the extended warranty form being returned. This will give youe complete peace of mind when choosing a HRM boiler

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