Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Radox Quartz Glass Radiators from Inspired Heating

Radox Quartz Glass Radiators are a unique and innovative glass radiators that have been designed with every need in mind.

They will Bring an injection of colour, as well as warmth, into any room, with shades to suit every taste.

If its functionality you're after, the radiators are available in a mirror finish and can be fitted with a towel bar. All radiators are fronted with 6mm safety backed glass and are ideal for any room in the house.

The Quartz Exclusive radiators, much like the Quartz, are unique glass fronted radiators. They too provide warmth, colour and functionality into any room of the house.

They are also available in all 14 colours, as well as the mirrored and bronze mirror finish.

Unique to the Quartz Exclusive range is the introduction of a beautiful frameless design.
Both the Quartz and Quartz Exclusive are now available in not only a wide variety of colours, but 5 unique patterns.

The introduction of these hand finished designs means that our Quartz and Quartz Exclusive radiators can provide not only an injection of colour and warmth into a room, but a great focal point.

Buy these or a wide selection of designer radiators from Inspired Heating.

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